RIP Opie- Stolen Huffy

This show wont be the same without him.  Everything just went into a whole other direction. Jax is a changed man now and there’s nothing going to stop him. 

Gemma has lost it. All the shit she’s done is coming back to haunt her. She’s a a scattered mess and eventually it’s going to get her in some deep trouble, and it’ll probably be with Jax.

Tara is officially Gemma. The beating she just gave out sealed the deal. 

Ashley Tisdales role wasn’t really big enough for me to love her or hate her. When I look back on the episode I don’t really remember much other than thinking she looks like a teenager. She didn’t leave an impression.

I think I’m the odd man out here but, I like Wendy. I don’t know why, I just like her on the show. 

Clay was looking sad when Nero came to the club. Made me smile. I love seeing him in pain. WHY IS HE STILL ALIVE?!?! and why does everyone still hang around him after he killed Piney? I just want him dead already. 

Not a lot of Juice, but he was yet again at Clay’s side. Get away from him!

Lots of Chibs in this episode, this pleases me. We want more of this Kurt!!!

Really good episode. I had tears in my eyes and I already miss Opie. This season is getting to me.

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